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The Unofficial Port of Seattle

Of course the Port of Seattle is a misnomer. Beyond docking facilities and mooring is the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in SeaTac, which serves the entire area and as a gateway from Asia to the United States. People land here from elsewhere to take Alaska cruises and to enjoy the beauty of the area. While the airport is extremely valuable, our focus is more on water-based transportation facilities.

In addition, the 'port' manages the Shilshole Bay Marina, the Maritime Industrial Center, the Fishermen's Terminal on Salmon Bay, the Smith Cove grain elevator, and the cargo terminals on Elliott Bay, Harbor Island, and the Duwamish Waterway.

From downtown, you can access the ferries to be transported to the various islands of the area.

This site is divided into several sections to enhance your experience:

Travel Services: This section contains information about the travel industry and the Port of Seattle. This includes cruise ships as well as future information about traveling to and from the port. This will include information from the airlines as well as shuttle services, rental car facilities and taxi services. Additionally, links to several high-quality hotels will be provided. For your next holiday or vacation travel, this should assist you to choose the Seattle and Tacoma area.

Freight/Cargo: This section includes detailed information about the cargo facilities available at the port and various companies that you can contact to obtain services. Information about import and export as well as roro and lolo equipment and facilities. This also has links to information about the ports in the rest of the world. This is an ongoing development and we welcome assistance.

Legal information: International freight and logistics is a difficult prospect. This page will contain some useful information as well as the methodology for obtaining true expert advice. As always, we suggest you consult an attorney.

Entertainment: Finding things to do in Seattle is easy. Finding the best is sometimes harder. We have provided a page recommending a few things to do in the area that you might not normally think of, such as Seattle Murder Mystery Dinners and even Seattle corporate event entertainment.

Links: This page contains useful companies in varying fields that may be able to assist you. These are not keyed completely at the international shipping marketplace, but are beneficial. They include boats, services and other links. If you prefer real estate and hotels, please click here.

World Ports: This page contains links to the official port sites from around the world. When you do business in shipping, you are dealing with two ports, no just ours. We want you to find useful information about the other side of the equation. This section is divided into three sections, the U.S., Canada, and the rest of the world. It is difficult to find such a complete guide and we feel that this is one of the centerpieces of the business benefit of this site.

FAQ's: This answers some questions about why we have developed this site and how you might help our efforts at enhancing the port.

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